Applying a Portugal Metro Discount Social+ Pass: A Step-by-Step Guide


Lisbon Metro offers a discount for students under the age of 23. Once you reach 23 years old, you have the option to apply for another discount known as the social+ pass. This pass is available to individuals with lower income or those who do not declare IRS. Students, particularly those who haven't been employed, are generally exempt from IRS declaration.

The social+ pass provides a 25% discount on monthly zippering.

Let's explore the process of applying for the social+ pass.

To begin, visit the metro service center, located at Marques Pombal or Campo Grande in Lisbon, and at Trindade in Porto.

If you declared IRS in the previous year (depending on the current year)

 Photocopy of Your ID (with the original for verification)

From the finance portal:

- Copia da ultima declaracoa de IRS ( Original autenticado)

- Copia Nota de Liquidacao de IRS

From segurança social:

- Declaracao de Rendimentos

If you did not file an IRS declaration last year

 Photocopy of Your ID (with the original for verification)

From finance:

- Copia de declaracao de dispensa IRS

How to download this document from the finance portal: 

1. Login portal das financas:

2. Go to: Todos os Servicos -> Mapa do Sítio-> Dispensa Entrega IRS ->Entregar Pedido->Registar pedido de dispensa de entrega de declaração de IRS -> Enter last year ( depend on the current year) -> download the certificate

You will see a certificate with this table empty

From segurança social:

- Declaracao de Rendimentos

How to download this document from the seguranca social site: 

1. Login seguranca social site:

2. Go to Conta-Corrente > Emitir Declaracao de Prestacoes pages > Novo pedido-> Enter last year (depending on the current year. i.e: Ano-Mês Início (aaaa-mm): 2022-01 to Ano-Mês Fim (aaaa-mm): 2022-12 ) -> download the certificate -> Validate the signature

A certificate with this information will be visible.

Note: In Lisbon metro, you need documents from finance and social, and for Porto metro, you just need documents from Finance.

More information: 

1. Lisbon metro discount: Social+ pass

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